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Scalable Cloud Servers to meet your every needs.

Powered by VMware, the trusted name in Virtualization powering all major Enterprises world-wide.

High Availability and Fault Tolerance

A Cloud Planet Cloud Servers are protected against host failures with high availability built in to maximize uptime. Application aware High Availability is also available for additional protection, contact a Cloud Specialist for more detail

Blazing Fast Storage

A Cloud Planet Cloud Servers utilizes flash caching technology across redundant SAN storage arrays. Your Cloud Server is protected from local host disk failures or limited capacity due to the number of drives a dedicated server can hold.

Easy Migration

Whether you are a current A Cloud Planet dedicated server customer or host somewhere else, our engineers can help you convert your physical server into a A Cloud Planet Cloud server within a few hours. You can even import your OVF or VMDK image files directly from an existing VMware environment or from Amazon AWS.

Fully Scalable and Customizable

With Cloud, you are better equipped to face the influx of loads that can rise and fall at any given time. You can scale your Cloud Server features – upgrade resources whenever necessary, and balance your loads easily and efficiently.

Simplified Management

Manage your Cloud server through A Cloud Planet with a fully functional console access for out of band KVM features as well as power on/off/reset controls. You can also manage your Cloud server using A Cloud Planet vCloud Director.

Backup and Replication

Cloud server hosting allows you to backup your data and applications easily to another data center. Protect your data with proper enterprise grade backup solutions from A Cloud Planet powered by Veeam and Zerto.

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